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Los Cabos refers to the two towns at the tip of the rugged Baja Peninsula.  The end of the line, San Jose Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are separated not just by 22 miles but by distinct vibes.  Cabo San Lucas mirrors an L.A. lifestyle, whereas San Jose del Cabo remains a typical and tranquil Mexican small town.

Great sportfishing centered attention on Los Cabos, and it remains a lure today.  Once only accessible by water, it attracted a hearty community of cruisers, fishermen, divers, and adventurers dating back to the late 1940s.  By the early 1980s, the Mexican government realized the growth potential of Los Cabos and began investing in new highways, airport facilities, golf courses, and modern marine facilities.  Expanded airlift and the opening of Transpennisular Highway no. 1 in 1973 paved the wave for spectacular growth.

The most growth has emerged along the road that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  The Corridor, with it perilous cliff-top vistas, has been widened to four well-paved lanes – though it still has no nighttime lighting.  The area’s most deluxe resorts and renowned golf courses are found here, along with a collection of dramatic beaches and coves.  The view is especially outstanding in January and February, when gray whales often spout close to shore.

Because of the distinctive character and attractions of each of these three areas, they are treated separately here.  It is possible to stay in one and make day-trips to the other two.

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