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Words can barely begin to describe the majestic work that nature has woven together here, or the effect these scenic vistas have on the senses. Powerful, yet peaceful, warm, green misty mountains cascade to within an echo of the golden sands and deep blue Pacific waters…at a glance, they appear somehow joined and connected . The myriad of beaches are alive with purpose….from a romantic lover’s lane to a playground where vacationers frolic, reconnect and fill the air with laughter. Whether you are indulging in countless sun and beach activities or heading out and exploring the coastline on your own, you are sure to have experiences that will last a lifetime.

The seemingly unlimited beach activities that one can choose from are almost as numerous as the 100 mile stretch of coastline where you can enjoy them. You’ll find beaches of all styles, shapes and purpose where there are many independent options that require very little more than carving out the spot where you can play, dive in or just lay back and chill.

Body surfing, boogie boarding, beach and pool volleyball, water aerobics, bobbing through waves or just sunning and sipping seem to be popular favorites. For those who want a bit more equipped action, there are always options like surfing, windsurfing, sailing, jet skiing, ocean kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling and the generally unforgettable bounce of a banana boat ride. Whatever your preference, you are welcome to change it frequently and partake in the sea, sun and sand diversions that are always just steps away.

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