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Big Island

While the State’s other islands were formed by single volcanoes or the merging of the two, Hawaii, the Big Island, is the work of five major volcanoes…

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Once a “high island” like Maui and Hawaii, Kaua‛i has eroded over the eons into broad valleys, windswept escarpments, and low, steep…

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Second in size in the Hawaiian chain, Maui is one of Polynesia’s principal “high islands,” dominated by the massive shoulders of 10,…

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Nicknamed “Hawaiian by Nature”, there are no high-rises, shopping centers, or traffic lights to spoil this paradise.  Local residents…

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While only third in size among the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu (synonymous these days with metropolitan Honolulu) was destined for paramountcy.  The trading…

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70 million years ago, lush green-carpet valleys, towering mountains and an ocean as blue and deep as the sky was created. Then came sparkling beaches, flowing waterfalls, fiery lava flows and vibrant natural gardens.

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